Cure for heart disease one carrot away

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Is there a cure for heart disease or is it all mainly a matter of prevention before you actually develop the disease? The Various Treatments for Heart Disease will be different from person to person depending upon the severity of the condition. You will have to visit your doctor in order to see just how bad your condition is and what treatment they feel would work best for you. There are no ‘cures’ as such but there are treatments which may be able to help. These treatments include:

There are various different medications which have been developed to help with the symptoms of heart disease and beta blockers tend to be a popular choice of treatment.

Beta blockers work by lowering the blood pressure by reducing the amount of blood that the heart pumps around the body. The most common beta blockers tend to be ‘atenol’, ‘propranolol’, ‘nadolol’ and ‘metoprolol’. These kinds of medications are also sometimes used in order to lower the risk of another heart attack if the patient has already suffered from one.

If the arteries are only partially blocked then Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme medication may be the best option for you. They work by expanding the blood vessels and help to decrease resistance. The most common forms of ACE medications are enalapril, captopril and lisinopril.

Beta blockers and ACE medications are only two different forms of medication which can be taken to help with heart disease. Again your doctor will be able to tell you the best medication to suit you.

A pacemaker is another form of treatment for heart disease and it is used to help keep a safe and regular heart beat. It sends little electrical impulses to the pumping chambers and they replace the heart’s usual pulses.

Pacemakers are generally clever devices which help to basically keep the sufferer alive. An irregular heart beat can be potentially life threatening and a pacemaker helps to keep the beating regular by sensing when to send out the electrical impulses.

This is basically a non-surgical procedure which helps to expand narrow coronary arteries. In simple terms, a balloon is inserted into the arteries through a small tube which is inserted into the leg with an extremely small camera on it. The balloon is inflated within the artery and it helps to get rid of any fatty tissue or any other blockages, as well as opening up the artery a little more. They may also place a stent in artery at this time.

Overall there are various different treatments for heart disease but unfortunately it seems that there are no certain cures. So, whilst it may be possible to treat the condition, it is not possible to completely find a cure for heart disease. In order to treat the problem we must first know the cause of disease as well as the symptoms of disease.